Luma Flying Insect Trap
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Luma Flying Insect Trap

Product code : CM944

Attracts flying insects with LED light and silently traps insects on adhesive coated glue

Indoor Use:
 Place in low light areas: inside cabinets, under or above counters, pantries or attics.
Overnight, turn on to trap mosquitoes and other flying insects that have entered during the day.

Outdoor Use:
Place in low light areas: garages, patios and porches.
From dusk and during the night, place one or more traps approximately 10-15 feet from where you are sitting.
Luma quietly captures common flying pests within the unit eliminating the annoying buzz and unhygienic mess you get with typical zappers.

Replace the disposable glue boards within 30 days, or as needed.

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6x $14.11
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