Cal-Mate CP Fresh Cow calcium bolus pail / 48
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Cal-Mate CP Fresh Cow calcium bolus pail / 48

Product Code: DM51004

Cal-Mate CP Fresh Cow Bolus is formulated with immediate and sustained release calcium for metabolic support during freshening1,2. This bolus contains calcium propionate (CP), a glucose precursor, that serves both as an immediate calcium and energy source for the fresh cow1

Two proven calcium sources:
  • Calcium propionate which is a very highly available source of calcium as well as glucose precursor to help with the prevention of ketosis1.
  • Calcium chloride provides a rapid release of calcium that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream2.
Calcium content
Content (min): 43 grams of calcium (Ca) per 172 grams bolus

Easy to administer
Give one bolus prior to or immediately following calving and an additional bolus 12-24 hours later.

  • Soy-based coating for protection of the esophagus
  • Individually wrapped to maintain freshness
  • Quick dissolving | No withdrawal period3
  • Room temperature storage
  • Packaged in easy to carry waterproof container

Calcium chloride, calcium propionate, water, soy-based coating

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1. Zhang F, Nan X, Wang H, Guo Y, Xiong B. Research on the Applications of Calcium Propionate in Dairy Cows: A Review. Animals. 2020; 10(8):1336. 2. A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Calcium Propionate and Calcium Chloride for the Prevention of Parturient Paresis in Dairy CowsPehrson, B. et al.Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 81, Issue 7, 2011 - 2016 3. Label