Dimethyl sulfoxide 99% (DMSO) gel 4 oz
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Dimethyl sulfoxide 99% (DMSO) gel 4 oz

Product Code: NC8833

UPC Code: 726087089331

99% Pure DMSO. This product is intended for use as a solvent only. The choice of the process used in the various applications is the sole responsibility of the user.

CAUTION: May cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water. Call a physician.

Sold as a Solvent Only. It is unlawful to represent in any way that this product is useful or safe to use for medical or veterinary purposes. Keep out of reach of children.

SyrVet Canada, nor any other corporation, or payment processor shall be held responsible for any damages to property or for any adverse physical effects (including injury or bodily harm) caused by insufficient knowledge or the improper use of a product.

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