COMPANION hand sanitizer with pump 1 gallon
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COMPANION hand sanitizer with pump 1 gallon

Product Code: NC490909/1

UPC Code: 789703003548

COMPANION Alcohol-Based Foaming Hand Sanitizer (Medical Grade)

New Price: 50% cheaper than before
  • Provide exceptional protection for today’s veterinarian and food animal production locations.
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria which assists in reducing cross contamination.
  • Compatible with vinyl, latex and nitrile examination gloves.
  • Dispensed as a thick, rich foam that dries instantly and eliminates inconvenient spills through precisely metered pumps.
  • Can be easily transported in vehicles and kept in areas where water is not readily available.

Comparative Test

 Companion Alcohol-based Foam vs Alcohol-based Gel 

The results are clear, Companion Foam offers many advantages over Gel:

        • Uses 3 times less product for the same quality of disinfection 
        • Dries 3 to 4 times faster than gel 
        • Does not leave a sticky film on the hands 
        • Leaves no odor when dried
        • Read the summary of the comparative test

The product is currently accepted in Canada under the interim measure related to COVID-19 (link to Health Canada website) and will obtain its DIN registration number shortly.

Test comparatif

 Mousse Companion vs Gel traditionnel 

Le désinfectant désinfectant en mousse Companion offre de nombreux avantages: 

  • Utilise 3 fois moins de produit pour la même qualité de désinfection
  • Sèche 3-4 fois plus rapidement que le gel 
  • Ne laisse aucune pellicule collante 
  • Est inodore après séchage
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