Dog Calmer Ricko HB 100
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Dog Calmer Ricko HB 100

Product Code: 81490

UPC Code: 4260289820010

• There are lots of dogs who don't like to be on their own! As soon as they feel lonely, they start to bark or can even destroy your belongings.
• Function: the dog calmer records a few words onto the device. As soon as the dog barks, the device plays the familiar voice and the dog calms down.
• Before leaving the house, switch the device on and place it somewhere in the room that the dog cannot reach.
• After you return, you can read from the display if, when and how often the dog barked.
• You should record new words regularly so that the dog doesn't start to associate the recording playback with your absence.
• Suitable for all types of dogs
• Includes operating instructions
• 3 X AA 1.5V batteries not included in the delivery
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