HK2020 calf puller with plastic head and angled clams
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HK2020 calf puller with plastic head and angled clams

Product Code: 10121

  • Robust plastic head with angle brackets
  • Mechanism 2020
  • Stable thick-walled steel tube, length: 180 cm
  • Three hooks for even and reciprocal pulling
  • Very easy to operate quick release for optimum safety
  • Can be used without problem even under the heaviest load
  • Can be moved around the tube for flexible use
  • Manufactured from aluminum

                            10121 (HK2020) Vêleuse avec tête plastique / Calf puller with plastic head                        
 # Code Description
      3        106904  Tube avec un trou pour vêleuse HK    Upper tube part with hole HK
5 106907  Visse d'union pour vêleuse HK  Intermediate piece thread for HK calf puller
8 106410  Cric de vêleuse HK  Rachet mechanism HK
10 106612  Kit de barrures pour vêleuse HK  Set of locking plates for HK
11 106414  Kit de ressorts et boulons HK  Springs and bolts for mechanism HK
15 106418  Tête de vêleuse en plastique HK  Plastic head for HK
18 106421  Support en angle pour vêleuse HK  Angle bracket for HK calf puller