AquaPrime® Neoklor water treatment 18.9 L
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AquaPrime® Neoklor water treatment 18.9 L

Product Code: PI-480015/5-CAN

UPC Code: 789703004477

7.5% Sodium Chlorite Solution. To Control Taste and Odor in the Water Supply System of Poultry, Swine, Cattle and other Livestock

Automated Activation:
Use AquaPrime NeoKlor with AquaPrime Activator (or a strong acid) to generate an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution using a chlorine dioxide generator. The generated chlorine dioxide solution can be added at a point in the system which ensures uniform mixing and distribution of up to 5 ppm of chlorine dioxide.
Manual Activation:
AquaPrime NeoKlor can be activated manually in the stock tank for subsequent dilution by using an adjustable proportioner to obtain 1 to 5 ppm ClO2 in the final treated water

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